Filter consultations


Few people realize what difference the correct filter will bring to the longevity of you vehicle . By installing the correct filter is the results might be better fuel consumption, better engine performance and longer engine life .

With our vast experience and constant training program provided by Donaldson, we are enabled to have the most up to date information for all filter solutions. Thus we are able to give the best advice for all your filter requirements . 

Contact us for a free evaluation for your fleet .


During the consultation we will do a survey of the relevant vehicles, which include the brand, model, fleetnumber and application of the vehicle. Furthermore a listing is made of all the filters currently used on the relevant vehicle. In the event of filters not being of the Donaldson brand, we will make a recommendation to the client on which Donaldson Filters to use wherever possible.

We compile a list of all the relevant filters for the client for future reference between the client and ourselves.